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Privacy Policy

You’re welcome to, the website run by Traffic Market INC that’s hereinafter called “the Company”, “we”, “us” and “our”. We are dedicated to respecting the privacy rights as well as the concerns of the website’s users. The website is hereinafter called “the Site”. As for the Site and the services provided, they are referred to collectively under the term “Company Features”. Since the policy is a subject to changes, you are to re-read it from time to time.

Your Privacy

One of the features of our company is acknowledgment of your privacy. It means that the Company has no intention to trade, sell or divulge any of your personal information to any third party unless you give us permission to do it. Be sure that keeping your information safe is our first concern.

What information does the Company collect?

We do not collect any type of personal information unless any of our users wish to give it to us voluntarily. At the same time, sometimes, we need you to provide us with particular type of personal information. For instance, you are asked to give us particular personal information when registering an account. Below you will find a detailed information on the personal information we need, when do we need it and how it is used in future.

Registering an account

Creating a user account is required so that to be able to use particular functions of the Company Features. In the process of creating an account, you need to give us your name, postal and email address and your telephone number.

In case you are going to buy some ads, you are to provide us with the information on the way you are going to pay for them. The payment methods include paying by credit card (information about your credit card or its number is required), paying with the help of PayPal account, billing address etc. In case you are going to publish ads, we, as well, need to get particular information concerning your website and the way you would like us to pay you. The list of possible payment methods includes payment with check, PayPal, wire transfer etc. If you are based in the US, you need to give us your tax ID information. When activating your account, you need to set a certain password. Then, you will use your email address and the password you have created to access your account.

The use of Cookies

Cookies are small bits of electronic information. Actually, nowadays, the majority of the websites use them and their use has become standard on the Internet. This electronic information is transferred to a user’s hard drive in order to help on customizing and keeping records of a user’s visits to a website. If to be more exact, by taking advantage of cookies, website’s operators are able to customize visits to the website in accordance with personal preferences of a user. For instance, once you set a cookie, you will not then have to enter any information on the Site one more time. Consequently, your time will be saved. However, pay attention to the fact that our Company does not have any access to the personal information in the cookies and we do not put it on record.

Even though the majority of the Web browsers nowadays accept cookies on automatically, you can change the settings of your browser if you want to avoid it. Besides, you also have an option of receiving a notification each time you are sent a cookie. You are sure to have access to the Company Features even if you do not want to accept any cookies.

Collecting your electronic information

Pay attention to the fact that while you are using the Site, your particular electronic information is automatically collected. The list of such like information involves your IP address information, the information on your browser type, referrer URL as well as other technical data.

Customer Service

If you face any problems, you can access our customer support service. The telephone number of the service and email address are provided. Be warned that you will have to give us your email address to be provided the customer support. Apart from this, there is no other information we require. Do not forget that the information we get from customer support requests (for example, your email address) is only then used to provide you with the necessary customer support. The Company does not transfer or divulge any of the information to any of the third parties.

How is the information you provide used?

Your personal information including your name, postal and email address as well as information on billing and your credit card is used for billing purposes since you will be charged for the use of the account. Besides, we will need either your email address or phone number to contact you when you ask for customer support.

Email addresses is the way for the Company to inform those who advertise anything on the Site about the performance of the ads. The same way publishers are informed about the ads that have been sold.

Sometimes, we will also require your email address to inform you about the updates of the Company Features. If you want to get any information on the offers of the companies we are affiliated with, we can send it to you as well. To receive these emails, you need to see the section “How do you opt in?” Do not forget that the Company never sends any offers from the companies it is not affiliated well. Besides, under no condition will we sell your email address to other companies.

Sometimes, The Company may give access to the aggregated information on our visitors to the third parties. A more detailed information on this can be found in the section “Is the information collected by the Company ever disclosed to the third parties?”

Keep in mind that the collected information may be used with the view of optimizing the Site, carrying out internal research, providing aggregated information to the advertisers on the performance of ads and displaying the content in accordance to your preferences. This way you are able to access your personal account faster, submit information to us or allow us to contact you if there is a necessity.

What methods does the Company use to keep customers’ information protected?

To provide a 100% safety of your personal information in our system, we have worked out a number of security measures. One of them is your personal information being kept behind secured networks. The crux of the matter here is that only those employees who have special access rights can get an access to it. If you provide us with the information on your credit card, it is transmitted and then protected with the help of Secure Socket Layer technology (“SSL” for short) and HTTPS protocol. After that, the information gets into our databases and it can only be accesses by those who have special access rights to the system.

Is the information collected by the Company ever disclosed to the third parties?

At present, the Company has no intention to sell, transfer or divulge your personal information provided during the process of registration to the third parties. The information is used with the view of having a better understanding of the way the users use the Site. Moreover, by taking advantage of the information, we are able to support transactions you make on the Site and we can get a better understanding of our users. As a result, we are capable of customizing particular features, promotions and notifications we send to you. Still, the aggregated information may be used for marketing and advertising purposes or in order to find out the effectiveness of the ads. Be sure that there will be no personally identifiable information divulged. In case you do not want to receive any of the information from us or your personal information has been changed, you can easily correct, remove or update the information you provided us with before. If you want to get a detailed description of the process, see the section “The process of changing the information we have for you”.

If there is a case of the Company going through a business transition (for example, a merger, the Company is selling a part of the assets, the Company is being acquired by another company), as a rule, the part of the assets is transferred. All users will be notified of the changes. There will be a notice on the Site placed 30 days before the change of ownership or a change in control of the users information takes place. In case the business transition leads to the situation when the information is used for a different purpose than was described above or the purposes that were implied at the time when it was collected, all the users will be given an option once notified of the changes.

Irrespective of any other term stated in the privacy policy, we may divulge aby personal information collected if its release is supposed to comply with the law, enforcement of the Site's policies or is necessary to provide protection of either ours or other's rights, property and safety.

How do you opt in?

In order to start receiving notifications as well as information on updates, you need to click the "My Account" button and then choose the option "Please send me email notifications and updates".

The process of changing the information we have for you.

If you need to update, change or delete the information that is given in your personal account, click the “My Account” section, log in and change the information and settings according to your preferences. In order to avoid unauthorized access to your account, we strongly recommend you to change the password from time to time. Please, do not forget that particular personal information is still required for billing purposes. In case you want to delete any information concerning your name, telephone number, email or postal address and credit card number, be warned that your account will be terminated.

Third party links and co-brand relationships

Since we aim to provide an increased value to our users, we may choose different third party websites so that to link to and frame within the Site. The Company also takes part in co-branding and other relationships with the view of offering e-commerce as well as other various services to our users. Still, although the third party is affiliated with us, we do not keep these linked sites under control. Pay attention to the fact that each of them has its own separate privacy and mechanisms of data collection that we bear no responsibility for.

We do not receive the data that either our co-brand partners or third parties collect. This is even if the information is provided on or through the Site. Therefore, we bear no responsibility or liability for their own policies and actions. Besides, we are not responsible for the privacy practices and the information provided on these websites. These websites provided serve only for your convenience and you making decision on accessing them is completely your decision. However, as we strive for protecting the integrity of the Company Features and, consequently, the links provided on each of them, we may ask you to give feedback not only on the Company Features, but also on the sites each link leads to. This is even for the links that do not work.

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act

The Site is forbidden to use by children and any person who is younger than 18 years old. Therefore, if you are not yet 18, please do not use or register an account on our site.

Notification of changes

By either visiting the Site or using the Company Feature, you agree to your information being collected and used by us in the ways that have already been mentioned in the privacy policy. In case we decide on making alternations in our privacy policy, there will be a notification about it on this page. Consequently, all our users will always be in the know of what kind of the information we collect, how and under what conditions it is then used and in what cases we divulge it.

Do you have any questions? Then, contact us!

If any questions concerning our privacy policy arise or you have problems with our Company Features, please contact us immediately. Write a letter to the following email address:

Terms and Conditions

We kindly ask you to read through the Terms of Service as well. They provide information on the use, disclaimers and limitations of liability that define the use of the Site as well as the Company Features.

(Last Updated on June 23, 2016)